Max Igan: Australia’s Decline into Fascism

Spend an hour with Max Igan of The Crow House, as he discusses what’s happening in Australia, relating to dangerous bills to usurp the rights of parents and free speech, and to destroy the nation thru fracking. He also discusses the move to criminalize homeopathy and to penalize parents who won’t get their kids vaccinated.

At the end he asks folks to sign a petition that will accompany a statement to the United Nations, demanding they intervene on behalf of Shapelle Corby (more on this below).

While the US has seen numerous totalitarian laws passed since 9/11, Max highlights some fascist bills introduced in Australia:

* A mental health bill in Western Australia gives 12-year-olds the right to consent to medical procedures including sterilization, psychosurgery, and electroconvulsion therapy. It also gives authorities the right to involuntarily detain a child for from 14 days to three months, who is suspected of being mentally ill. During detention, they can drug and shock them, and place them among the adult population.

The bill was proposed by the Western Australia Mental Health Commission, headed by Eddie Bartnik.

(This mimics California’s law giving 12-year-olds the right to accept the HPV vaccine, which is genetically modified and has caused dozens of deaths, paralysis, seizures, infections, appendicitis and narcolepsy.)

* A bill to censor climate change skeptics from media including websites, personal blogs, twitter or any public media.

* Move to wipe out all natural and homeopathic medicines and treatments. (See Alternative medicine crackdown. For background, see Australia proposes ban on 1000s of plants including national flower)

* A move to vaccinate all children with tax penalties to parents who refuse.

* Laws to permit fracking, also called coal seam gas mining, which destroys the water table.

He also urges folks to sign a legal petition that will accompany a statement to the United Nations requesting in take action on behalf of Schapelle Corby, an Australian woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia in 2004, where she is now serving a 20-year sentence.

Sign the petition here:

Read more about Corby here: and watch the film, Expendable at

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