Free Seeds of Awareness for California’s Label GMO Campaign

By Carrie Stokes
Read Between the Limes

Jere Gettle from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has teamed up with Label GMOs to raise awareness of the California Ballot Initiative to label genetically modified foods. He has designed a special seed packet to be used for the campaign.  The seed packets, packed with Baker Creek’s non-GMO San Marzano Tomato seeds, are being distributed free all over the state of California!

Photo by Carrie Stokes

The San Marzano has been a favorite tomato of California gardeners for generations, and the campaign packets have become instantly popular.

Anyone who would like to help distribute the free packets at farmers’ markets, gardening events, or any other venue may simply email with a mailing address and number of packets requested for distribution.

Thousands and thousands of the special packets have already been sent for distribution, and many more thousands are being printed and packed.

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Six Weeks Left!

On March 16, Pamm Larry of Label GMOs sent the following email:

Thanks to those who have helped this effort already…you’ve done an amazing job! We have been gathering signatures for a few weeks now, are on track and can get this done, but we need all of you.

Like any grassroots effort, we need thousands more of us out there. I’m not kidding when I say that every one of us is needed to battle this huge Goliath. And, folks…they have already started with their misinformation against this campaign.

They are mobilizing and getting out there in opposition.  

We have what many are calling the BEST opportunity to get GMO labeling passed here in California! The forces that don’t want us to know the truth of what’s in our food cannot beat us if we unite as one and work together to make this initiative pass. Together we will make this happen.

PLEASE…if you’ve not yet gathered any signatures to ensure your right to know: contact me directly at

Please include in the subject THE NAME OF YOUR CITY IN CALIFORNIA so I can get you in touch with your local leader who will pair you with someone who is trained to get you going.

I’ve personally gotten almost 1000 signatures already. I tell you that because I don’t ask anything of anyone that I am not willing to do.

EVERY volunteer signature helps.

We are done April 22.  We have six more weeks to gather signatures.  Please join us because it’s through our united effort that we will get this on the ballot now and won in November.

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