Monsanto Trolls and Jewish Mothers by David Stein

There is a lot at stake in keeping the Jewish community in the dark around Monsanto and Prop 37. They are a crucial community when it comes to rejecting GMOs, and when Jewish mother and grandmothers are roused in protection of their families, watch out.

We are all familiar with how the elite creates divides in order to achieve what they want. They created a food scares (and even peanut deaths and then used media to attack the industrial food system, to create a “public demand” for massive food safety laws. Of course, they were the industrial food system they were attacking and had written the laws they wanted put in, all the while seeming to oppose those laws. Very convoluted but the confusion worked to their advantage and they got what they wanted.

We also know that the Monsanto, like other corporations, has hired trolls working the internet, commenting on websites, attacking writers, attacking studies that expose the dangers of GMOs, attacking people who write about or comment on Codex, promoting phony studies showing GMOs as safe.

The recent recall of organic food during the Jewish High Holidays seems to be a means of warning Jewish voters that organic food is no different then GMOs (that are now proven to cause cancer and rapidly kill) in order to keep them for voting for Prop 37 in California, requiring the labeling of GMOs (Monsanto’s deadly products). Jews are a large voting block in California with high rates of voter turn out so confusing them is critical.

To that and at a moment when Monsanto absolutely must defeat Prop 37, one of their trolls may have shown up on a forum and be doing especially dirty work, and focused on Jews. People on the forum were doing what people across the country are doing – writing about how angry they are at Monsanto and exposing their lies and the new study showing that GMOs kill, and then the troll jumps in. Suddenly all the links about Monsanto lying to stop Prop 37 and labeling of GMOs, becomes “Monsanto Jews lying.”

“Re: Monsanto Jews lying desperately against up-coming labeling prop. in Cal.
The Monsanto family, a family of filthy, irredeemable jews, started out in the jiggaboo slave business. They may have had a big hand in the White slave trade business before switching exclusively to jigs, before Lincoln ended slavery and foisted the jigs upon us.
Jews are nothing but trouble in the kwa and in any country they infest.”

Puh-lease. One is surprised they didn’t tack on drinking the blood of Christian children, while they were at it. And the effort to inflame blacks against Jews is there, too, with comments on “jigaboos.”

A very nasty, insidious, fomenting, sneaky little troll.

“Seeming” to be anti-Monsanto, the troll’s comments are so virulently anti-Semitic about Monsanto that many Jews would naturally react defensively automatically – “it’s not true!” But, as they move to protect themselves from an emotionally painful personal attack, they subconsciously align with Monsanto (the “it’s not true” slopping over to what is said about Monsanto as well). But even if Jews can fend off the immediate emotional response to such an outrage against themselves, and could see Monsanto as “actually” terrible, separate from they themselves “being called” terrible, still many Jews would avoid sites – and anything written at them – that contain such grotesque vitriol against Jews.

So, all a troll has to do to undermine Jewish Americans visiting sites that are exposing Monsanto, is to succeed in injecting grotesque comments. But even if Jews avoid those sites, attacks on Jews are linked to attacks on Monsanto, on the internet in general when they do searches about Monsanto, making even that a highly aversive prospect. “Attack me viciously, attack a company viciously: I’m innocent, maybe they are, too.”

This is a very sly means to try to keep Jewish Americans from reading about Monsanto’s harm to their family because now the words “Monsanto Jews” will come up on websites and Jewish Americans could be instantly turned off, and many may miss understanding why voting for Prop 37 is absolutely crucial in their own lives.

The question is whether Jews can withstand the lies being said ABOUT them in order to get to the truth of what is being done TO them by Monsanto.

The three rats in the photos are telling the truth, silently.

In avoiding sites important enough for trolls to attack in this way, Jews would also miss that eugenics applied during the Holocaust is directly related to genetic engineering and the companies that ran the concentration camps and developed gas for the gas chambers, are the very same companies that have developed genetically engineered crops – Bayer being one example – and are now using crops to sterilize people. Jewish families would miss that their own children are being affected by GMOs, and in more than one way.

Jewish Americans will have to weather the intensively aversive reaction they understandably feel when they see themselves spoken of in relation to Monsanto, and so viciously, as trolls are now doing. They must not take that to heart, but instead they need to realize why it is happening. It is an excellent indication of just how important the Jewish community can be in stopping the GMO madness.

Jewish women are incredibly fierce protectors of their family, and what Monsanto is doing, with no question, threatens their family with cancer and death. Monsanto threatens very existence of their families.

Jewish mothers and grandmothers are what Monsanto fears most. Awakened, they will lead a massive charge for Prop 37 in California.

So, Monsanto lets out the anti-Semitic trolls.

But to get to the truth for the sake of their children, Jewish mothers and grandmothers are quite capable of clobbering nasty little trolls.