Big Secrets Loyal Military Need to Know by Lee Thompson

1. The economy is being crashed on purpose

That’s no longer a secret. But the secret is that there is help for everyone. Watch the documentary, starting at 54:00 minutes in. The international bankers hope to achieve a massive depression to be able to seize even more assets, even more homes and businesses, and especially to steal our very rich farm land to take control of all food here. But our loyal military, law enforcement and DHS could help by siding with the public (which is, of course, themselves). All they need to know is there doesn’t need to be debt or a depression at all. We can walk away from the debt forced on us by the bankers in the same way other countries are doing.  When the bankers jerk their money, hoping to cause chaos and steal even more, our military, loyal law enforcement and military can give them a surprise – arresting them as has happened in Iceland where they are recovering nicely from the financial scams they too faced.

2. Pandemics are fake and so are the pandemic laws

They are just new means to take control of the US using the excuse of “saving people.” And worse, those laws set up for our own military, DHS and law enforcement to be the ones to force potentially deadly vaccines on the whole country. To kill Americans. The laws also arrange for the theft of any land or asset or property (homes or weapons) by simply declaring it contaminated. No proof needed. And why should proof be needed before taking anything from our military families, DHS, law enforcement and the rest of us, since the banking and pharmaceutical industry thieves (an inseparable pair) are worn out just from having created such an elaborately fake excuse as pandemics, for stealing everything not nailed down, which go beyond the bailouts and wars and debt they already caused? “Medically,” those fake public health laws allow for unknown, untested vaccines, drugs and chemicals to be forced on anyone, including the spouses, parents and children of our military, DHS and law enforcement, along with forced taking of samples (doesn’t exclude taking of organs, some worth at least $500,000 each these days), or forced diagnostic testing. The secret here? Those pandemic laws are the layout for mass forced human experimentation, like the bankers and pharmaceutical industry ran under Hilter, not just even phonier reasons to rob the country of its the last feather. Diseases the government can cause itself are the new trick and vaccines the new weapons. It should be no secret to the military that vaccines are bioweapons because they have been the targets. But it might come as a surprise to know that the Freedom of Information Act in the UK has shown that they have known for 30 years that the vaccines forced on kids (the same ones forced on military’s kids here) not only don’t work but cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent.  The CDC which would be the one to declare a (fake) pandemic or “bioterrorism” (fake) attack so military can roll out with nasty HHS vaccines, has not responded for more than 6 years to FOIAs around vaccines which they must legally answer within 20 days.
And after the CDC was ordered to by a judge to turn the documents over, and Obama immediately jumped in proposing changing FOIAs so the CDC could simply say the vaccine information the public needs is “non-existent” even though they must have it to protect their kids from maiming and deaths.   The giant vaccine hoax is a big secret on the verge of coming out completely.  Once our military, DHS and law enforcement understand that they have been forced to get their own children shot full of a life-threatening hoax, they will refuse to impose vaccines as a weapon against the American people, no matter what the CDC, waiting in the wings with 500,000 mega coffins, declares.

3. Food safety and bioterrorism are corporate plans to destroy real food

Monsanto and the biotech industry are attempting a take over of all food in the world, and that includes the US. When our military, DHS and law enforcement understand that DHS has been tasked under bio-security laws written with funding from the biotech industry to “subdue” organic food, the secret is out who the bio-terrorists are and who our military would be working for if they do anything harmful to our farms and farm animals. How these companies have been using animals diseases is another secret that those protecting our country and who love their own children need to know.   Animal diseases and bioterrorism are more of the same concocted hooey about “saving people,” when what they want is to destroy the only food safe to eat in the US and to impose all genetically engineered (patented) crops and animals they own. When military, DHS and law enforcement look at the rats with giant tumors in the just released French study and realize their own families – parents, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, children – have been forced to eat “stuff” that without question causes cancers and rapid death, it’s plain it’s not food but actually meets the definition of a bioweapon.  And it’s also clear those behind this are making hostages of those who are providing what children need.  So, what loyal military would be willing to be fools used to “subdue” food in their own country, food their own children need to survive? One wipes out the food supply of an enemy, not one’s own country, but the bankers and pharmaceutical industry which came up with genetic engineering have gone to enormous effort to confuse our military (many of them raised on farms) into attacking US farms and farm animals, if the CDC declares some biologic attack or food contamination these companies have the means to trigger themselves, and have, when it serves purposes of power.

4. Is 9/11 a secret anymore, or plans to “decapitate” DC?

There has been a huge effort to shut down the truth about 9/11 because it makes plain to everyone that those behind the government are enemies of the people of the United States. Once that is secret is out, loyal military is in a position to see the larger picture – the FEMA camps, the plans to harm (at a minimum) people with vaccines, the financial crash being set up, the take over of food and our land. Once one “gets” 9/11, it is not hard to believe that Bush was not blowing smoke is predicting that DC would be decapitated by Muslim terrorists using a portable nuclear weapon. All he left off of his “prediction” was that he and those working with him are the terrorists and how thoroughly they have planned ending the US as a sovereign, constitutional country. The government has even put out stamps depicting giant vibrations in DC.   In knowing that Bush and those surrounding him (with Nazi histories) planned this as well, our military, DHS and law enforcement have enough exposed secrets to not be unwitting tools of these enemies of the country and not to move against Americans, their property, their land, their food supply, their bodies. What must be resisted by all those sworn to protect this country who truly love it, is to treat any of these immensely planned, terror mongering, set ups as authentic.

They have a great deal of noise, chaos, and harm planned to get what they want but secrets are leaking out everywhere, riddling their plans with holes.. They have no idea who believes them and who doesn’t and what may collapse in the giant house of lies and evil they have constructed to end the US. They are up against two things – an exploding awareness of their secrets and true love of this country.  They are up against truth and love.