A Doily over DC

By Bill Springer
Food Freedom News

Daniel Roberts in “Peace is not a Doily” asks whether the lines across the new Cherry Blossom stamp is meant to subliminally foreshadow Bush’s predicted nuclear explosion in DC.

Cherry Blossom Forever Stamp

Roberts then goes on to calmly suggest that there is good reason to believe we could protect DC from what may be planned.

” …. it’s appropriate as well as comforting to note that John Hagelin, a quantum physicist, says that the combined power of our intent for peace is a millions times stronger than the nuclear force, creating “not a ripple, but a tidal wave of unity, tidal wave of peace, tidal wave of coherence.”

Film director David Lynch said.

“It’s a science and technology for peace.  Negativity goes away … like darkness goes away when the sun comes up. The sun doesn’t even have to try to drive the darkness away.  The sun doesn’t even care about the darkness.  The sun comes up and it goes.  The unified field get enlivened and negativity goes.  It just goes.”Peace” isn’t a stupid thing, it’s not like a doily, like I say.  IT’S NOT A DOILY.  It’s powerful.”

Frankly, if someone is thinking about doing such a thing to DC, we need some sort of protection covering the place, whatever you call it.  A big “doily” of consciousness draped over things there is easy to picture.

Roberts noted that Hagelin said “amazingly, because the strength of numbers is such it doesn’t take that many people ….”  Just the number of people in the room in Chicago where Hagelin was speaking were enough, he said, to affect the entire midwest, and he’d already proved that meditation, using 250 people or less, was powerful enough to lower war deaths in Lebanon by 76%.

The question is, how many people would it take in DC and the country to create the “doily” of a force field to cover the city and protect it?  And when and how would people sign on to get this started?  Because it only takes understanding that Bush was in on 9/11 to not doubt he and those he work with or for, would not hesitate to do anything, if it meant “decapitating the government” (his prediction) to take control of the country.  Roberts is convincing, both about the reality of the threat and about the reality of our power as a counter force we can apply with our consciousness.  Whether one watches Braden show a tumor being cured in under 3 minutes or Emoto’s work on what thoughts can do to water, it’s clear now that we have an astounding ability to change the world in good ways.

How many meditation groups, how many churches, how many organizations or individuals, committing themselves to a time schedule that Hagelin could devise?  How soon could this begin?  And can’t it actually begin informally right now, with readers simply praying or meditating for the well-being of Washington and everyone and everything there?  Emoto’s work would indicate that just having loving intention toward everything in DC would have an effect on bodies on everyone there.  Like with Gandhi’s “soul force” this consciousness doily would be a “universal force [that] makes no distinction between kinsmen and strangers, young and old, man and woman, friend and foe”  It would simply change things for the better for everyone.

Which brings up the question, has DC become so rotten because we have sent angrier and angrier thoughts toward it?  Can we love our way out of this mess?

If you have friends or family in DC, or are connected to any organizations, churches or meditation groups, please let them know what Bush predicted and ask them to join in helping to shield DC from harm with prayer and meditation.  You can send the stamp out as an invitation, with the blue lines arching over DC representing prayer and meditation flooding out from all part of this country, which would be a wonderful, welcome thing, in any case.  Quantum physics is saying very clearly that working together, from our hearts, we can get that DC doily hoisted into place.