The US and the Missing Evidence

By Walt Piper
Food Freedom News

Since the Bush Administration and continuing into Obama’s, numerous laws have been put into place to allow them to seize food, seize land and force any sort of unknown, untested “medical treatment” on anyone, kill animals, seize people or kill them - all based on no evidence, whether of contamination, of illness, or of any wrong doing.  On the other hand, for the corporations, anti-trust laws have been undone which keep evidence of their massive wrongdoings from being used to pursue justice against them.

It’s important for all of those who work for DHS, DOD, TSA, any pandemic related agencies, any public health agencies, law enforcement, etc., to understand that a giant architecture of agencies and regulations has been put in place but it is built on top of an unheard of foundation – no requirement for proof of evidence.  That is, the regulations propounded by these agencies are based on the removal of the rule of law itself.  So, while they all may look substantial and imposing, being big, proclaimed in every case as helpful, and read for emergencies – saving us from terrorists, pandemics, animal disease outbreaks, contaminated food – they rely on the removal of the Constitution and share a single trick – evidence is no longer needed to do anything to anyone, anything, any animal.

We are being saved from concocted terrorists (who are now redefined as Americans), non-existent pandemics that cloak drug disasters, irrelevant animal diseases outbreaks, and from safe, organic food (defined now as a biosecurity threat).  This inversion of reality is the corporate dream of governance fleshed out with billions of public dollars – a lot of hot air with no rules for itself, a lot of laws using language about “we’ll save you from disaster” but arranged to strip the country barer than the corporations already have.  All of it backed up by bloated agencies and military – full of well-meaning people following rules but not aware they are operating without the central ingredient for Constitutional governance.

One could see a clear example of how evidence of harm has been deleted from the how these agencies are functioning in the following examples, both showing bias against ranching and farming, and both showing disinterest in blatant evidence of massively destructive corporate harm.  The EPA went onto the ranch of Mike Callicrate, a leader in the independent cattle industry and in the sustainable ag movement.  On land that affected no water whatever, the EPA charged Mr. Callicrate with 4 Clean Water violations, including treating his hay as a “pollutant.” $37,500 a day, per violation.  This is the same EPA that flew over Exxon’s oil spill in the Colorado River, and though the estimate was of over 1500 barrels of crude oil spill, the EPA reported that water quality did not pose safety risks and all charges against Exxon were filed by the state of Montana, not the EPA.  And this is the same EPA appears to have worked in concert with BP to cover up its oil spill and contamination of the entire Gulf of Mexico first with oil and then with its highly toxic dispersant banned by other countries.  At about the same time, the EPA went after dairy farmers, by defining spilled milk as an oil spill because milk has fat in it.

Evidence – proof of actual harm or actual disease or actual pandemic or actual contamination – is not needed when it comes to people or animals.  But when we are drowning in real and damning evidence against companies spilling oil into our rivers and oceans, against packers rigging our cattle markets, against pharma selling us disease-causing, maiming and even deadly drugs and vaccines, against chemical companies exposing the country to toxins for profit, against biotech companies causing cancer with genetically engineered crops, against international bankers for thefts of all kinds, for them such evidence is made legally irrelevant or invisible.

“Invisible” is not an exaggeration.  In fact, it is an understatement.  The Obama Administration last year began proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow them to declare some information non-existent.  Not secret (which would be invisible), for there is already much that the government can hide under national security excuses, but “secret” is apparently insufficient for much that is clearly not about national security but the government wants no one to know about – such as what the CDC has known about the danger of vaccines.

More than 6 years after FOIAs were filed (legally the CDC must respond in 20 days), and though claiming they are safe, the CDC won’t, for some reason, turn over information about the vaccines. The UK government did respond to FOIAs, and going back 30 years, the documents showed the government has known the vaccines don’t work, they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent, they contain other hazards, and the government has colluded with industry to lie about all this to the public.  The US government is responding as a child does when cornered about cookies missing from the cookie jar – “There never were any cookies,”  What cookie jar?” and hiding under the bed.  The child and the US government (and anyone involved with it) want to have the evidence (and their own involvement) disappear.

Evidence is the gold of a democracy.  It is what the rule of law is based on.  Without, governments can do anything to anyone.

Right now, trillions are riding on continuing the deadly hoax of vaccines, directly tied to having the public falsely believe that people died in 1918 from a dreadful flu pandemic while the pharmaceutical industry’s vaccines and aspirin were responsible; on keeping lethal drugs on the market, on preventing access to nutrients (supplements): ; on getting rid of our independent cattlemen and replacing them with an international cartel of meat packers; on moving forward with GMOs despite it being clear now that they cause cancers and early death and sterility: etc, and on having being able to imprison (or worse) anyone who opposes any of this, etc.

All of that, is dependent on removing evidence as the basis of law. That is, the effort is to remove requirements for proof of truth when going after people, or to get rid of such tangible data to protect wrong doers.  Once removed, those doing this to the country can operate by pure PR, which is to say, propaganda, which is to say lies.  And the most recent of such lies, and quite similar to the dressing up of George Bush in military gear for a war he lied the country into, is the corporate US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, an industrial ag organization with Monsanto central to it, pretending to be (lying about being) real farmers and ranchers, and broadcasting a canned “discussion about food” from NYC.

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Evidence is that truth.  And one can see where our government is in relation to it by how it has gone after whistle blowers who have evidence of the truth.

Evidence is the key.  And seeing that fact can unite the country and help people see through all the complex tricks and bogus agency regulations put in place to steal yet more.  People in all kinds of agencies need to understand this in order to appreciate that they are set to be used to move forward against farmers, ranchers, farm animals, gardeners, businesses, land, assets, property, families and activists of all kinds, etc. – without any proof of diseases, or of illness, or of contamination, of wrong doing or even crime.

Those behind all this have created an astoundingly huge and criminal hoax.  A vast charade of law, all based on bogus “emergencies,” has been built, with the rule of law absent.

While the law has been subverted, the Constitution still stands.  Americans in every agency and in private life, can still hold evidence – truth – in their hearts and refuse to act against their fellow countrymen without it.  They can keep their allegiance to the Constitution which is based on evidence – the rule of law.

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