Vaccines Profoundly Threaten Sustainable Ag

By Peter Becker
Food Freedom News

“They’re making a joke of our universe” – Jim Morrison

Those who are involved in sustainable ag understand that everything is connected.  There can be no healthy people without healthy food or healthy food without healthy soil or healthy soil without healthy micro-organisms or healthy micro-organisms without healthy habitats or healthy habitats without healthy animals and insects and fish and birds.  It is a great whole and we – all species on earth – are in this together.  The sustainable ag community understands viscerally that we must protect all the pieces because they all fit together as a whole that we belong to and need.  All of it is, in a real sense, us.
Those who care about sustainable ag know this: the all living parts have value and must all be there so everything can function and there can be life.
Based on such knowledge and an abiding love of the natural world, the sustainable ag community has stood against genetic engineering of crops and animals, against the lethality of pesticides and chemicals, against the the brutality of CAFOs and their fracturing of the natural life of animals, against injustices against ranchers and farmers and food producers of all kinds, against antibiotics and drugs forced on farm animals, and against the biotech industry’s juggernaut of lies.But if the sustainable ag community seeks to see the whole, it needs to include what is happening to itself, not just to the crops, and what is happening to animals in other countries, for the same has been planned for here.

What is happening to the sustainable ag community
is that its own children are being genetically engineered by the new vaccines.  They are called DNA-vaccines because their purpose is to alter – or engineer – the DNA.  And they employ patented synthetic GMOs, just as in agriculture, to do this, and shoot these GMOs into children with gene guns, just as the biotech industry uses gene guns to shoot GMOs into seeds.
 “The two most popular approaches are injection of DNA in saline, using a standard hypodermic needle, and gene gun delivery. … Gene gun delivery, the other commonly used method of delivery, ballistically accelerates plasmid DNA (pDNA) that has been adsorbed onto gold or tungsten microparticles into the target cells, using compressed helium as an accelerant.”

Not only are children being genetically engineered by the new vaccines but the rights needed to stop this are being just as thoroughly subverted as laws and regulations have been to protect food and trees and animals from Monsanto.  In California, the giant biotech industry along with giant partners in the food industry lied to the public to defeat an initiative that would allow people a human right, the right to know what is in their foo.  But the biotech industry, allied with the medical organizations it controls via heavy funding, also pushed through a law that removes from Californians the right to even know what has been done to their children with GMO-vaccines.

The sustainable ag community knows that a massive lying campaign was instrumental in stopping the GMO-labeling campaign.  But how many are aware of the biotech industry’s even larger campaign around vaccines?  There, the government itself has taken a hand, and HHS has actually requested that media suppress information.

What is being done to farm animals in other countries goes further.  They are being slaughtered in the millions based on fictions.  For as aggressive and mendacious as industrial ag and the biotech industry are in telling the world that their genetically engineered crops and pesticides are not harming anything, they are even more militantly aggressive in projecting fear and inventing lies about nature.  Avian flu is a fiction, a hoax but it was used (perhaps even invented) by the Bush administration with ties to the biotech industry to destroy millions of poultry (and their bio-diversity) owned by small farmers.  The swine flu pandemic was another hoax, but it was the basis of wiping out rare swine breeds owned by small farmers in Haiti and the Coptics in Egypt.  Foot and Mouth disease, harmless to humans and something most animals get over, has been used as the justification for the mass slaughter by military of millions of cattle and hogs,
with animals being buried alive.


The FMD mass slaughter first occurred in Britain, where, it turns out, it was triggered by lab leaks.


And yet, in Britain, despite being a nation of animal lovers with an active animal rights movement, the war against foot-and-mouth disease has led to the death of more than four million animals, some of who, stunned or injured, ‘survived hours, or even days, after a slaughter operation’ (BBC 4 April 2001): without significant protest.

And now, as the multinational biotech and industrial ag fight for control of food worldwide, there are warning for  the Middle East about FMD.

“FMD  is highly infectious and affects all cloven-hoofed animals, including sheep, cattle, buffalo, goats and pigs, causing serious production losses, and can be lethal, especially in younger animals. …. [Harmless to humans and most animals recover.]“Diseases simply do not respect international boundaries, and if FMD SAT2 reaches deeper into the Middle East it could spread throughout vast areas, threatening the Gulf countries – even southern and eastern Europe, and perhaps beyond …. ”  [Adding a number makes it sound more frightening.]

Avian flu, the hoax, is getting renewed international attention.  It’s now linked to terrorism.  But the terrorists playing with the virus is the biotech industry itself.  To see the origins and absurdity of this hoax, and coming from those who profited from fear of it, read WHO Swine Flu Pope Under Investigation.

“Osterhaus claimed that bird feces were the source, via air bombardment or droppings, onto populations and birds below, of the spread of the deadly new Asian strain of H5N1. There was only one problem with the now voluminous frozen samples of diverse bird excrement he and his associated had collected and frozen at his institute. There was not one single confirmed example of H5N1 virus found in any of his samples. At a May 2006 Congress of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Osterhaus and his Erasmus colleagues were forced to admit that in testing 100,000 samples of their assiduously saved bird feces, they had discovered not one single case of H5N1 virus. 10
“At a WHO conference in Verona in 2008 titled “Avian influenza at the Human-Animal Interface,” in a presentation to scientific colleagues undoubtedly less impressed by appeals to pandemic emotion than the non-scientific public, Osterhaus admitted that “A proper risk assessment of H5N1 as the cause of a new pandemic cannot be made with the currently available information.” 11 By then, however, his sights were already firmly on other possible pandemic triggers to focus his vaccination activities.”  [Swine flu.]

The sustainable ag community needs to appreciate that the biotech industry and the medical agencies it funds – from the WHO to the CDC to various UN agencies – own disease.  It is the industry’s mass marketing tool and through its control of media, can create false fear which it can then use to wipe out every farm animal in the US.  Vandana Shiva is very clear that one can’t have sustainable ag without the animals.  They are provide fertility, even separate from providing food.

In Colorado, lies around flu are being accepted by the sustainable ag community which has not protested that nurses and other medical workers have been threatened with loss of their jobs if they do not submit to a vaccine based on a series of hoax animal diseases.

While some other communities might see forced vaccination of nurses as separate from agriculture, the sustainable ag community, more than any other, should be able to see that what involves the animals cannot be separated from people, and that allowing lies about the danger of animal diseases to move forward is dangerous.  It is, in fact, a set up for allowing animal disease scares to be used for the mass slaughter of animals here.

The slaughter of normal animals is crucially desired by the biotech industry as well as by the giant multinational meat packers.  It is the necessary precondition for any wholesale introduction of genetically engineered animals, and it leads to the total consolidation of control of all meat by industry.  Monsanto and the biotech industry had to get rid of normal seeds to move forward with GMO crops.  To achieve this, they began by buying up seed companies around the world.  People were slow to realize it was happening.  Proceeding on the animal side is not as simple because farm animals are in the hands of millions of people but the requirement to eliminate normal animals is the same.  In the service of this, they began by creating mass fear of non-threatening or even non-existent animal diseases as though such diseases were a threat to mankind’s existence, as the false justification offor bringing military to conduct war on the animals.  And the genetically engineered animals they have in the wings, are or will be touted as FMD-resistant or avian flu-resistant or swine flu-resistant, just as they had made dramatic (later proven false) claims for their seeds.

Should the biotech industry have the CDC declare an avian flu outbreak, under the new Monsanto-designed “food safety” law, military could be used to destroy all the chickens being raised in cities by loving owners.  It would be irrelevant that the animals are healthy or that heritage animals are being protected.  The goal is to get rid of normal animals and all competition (and it is growing) to the industrial agricultural system.

Rejecting the mandates for the flu vaccines is integral to getting ahead of the holocaust which the biotech industry (which makes these GMO-vaccines) is planning for farm animals and thus for sustainable ag.   They got away with it in Asia.  To get ahead of this, requires exposing the lies of the disease-mongers and how the game is played.  It means seeing and exposing that the military and DHS have been written into the food safety law,  specifically to mass slaughter farm animals “in case of a disease outbreak.”  Such an “outbreak” would be declared by the CDC which has already exposed its collusion with industry around bogus animal diseases, once in 1976 and again in 2009, both time to promote the sale of untested vaccines that proved lethal, and both times doing nothing to stop the deaths.  The sustainable ag community

Vandana Shiva speaks of the “war against the earth,” and war has become the metaphor that justifies what is being done to the animals and removal of rights.

“It is the contention of this paper that the influence of the British media, in the cognitive structuring of the virus in the minds of the population, is the crucial factor justifying what Freedland (2001) calls the ‘collective madness’ of the mass slaughter.  ….”Whatever foot-and-mouth is, the primary way it has been structured in the media is as a war.
“The Telegraph calls the ‘nerve-centre’ of the operation to tackle foot-and-mouth a ‘bunker’, which ‘has the appearance…of a war-room during the worst of the Blitz’ (Telegraph March 4). From this war-room, the ministry is launching what it calls ‘pre-emptive strikes’ (Independent March 15) against sheep and pigs, killing thousands of healthy animals. The British Army has been ‘mobilised’ (Independent March 20), led by Brigadier Birtwistle, a game hunter whose ‘military career is said to have given him the perfect credentials for waging war on the spread of foot-and-mouth disease’ (BBC 29 March).

“With the army involved and mass killing going on it is possible to lose sight of the fact that the ‘war’ is a metaphor, a cognitive way of structuring the complex domain of the disease and its economic consequences using the simpler domain of war. The virus has been constructed as the enemy, a ‘formidable’, ‘powerful enemy’ (Independent March 19), which ‘attacks cattle, pigs, [and] sheep’ (Telegraph Feb 22). However, those who are ‘in the frontline of the battle’ (Guardian Feb 25) do not have the virus in their sights. Instead, their targets are the very same cattle, pigs and sheep who are being ‘attacked’ by the virus.
The disease could, alternatively, have been dealt with non-metaphorically, i.e., as a disease, and treated by caring for sick animals (who recover after a few weeks), vaccinating susceptible animals, and letting natural immunity take its course.”

For the sustainable ag to succeed, those involved must first see:

     that genetic engineering is not limited to crops and animals but is happening to their own families in the form of mandated GMO-vaccines for their children or flu shots for themselves,
    that non-threatening and even non-existent animal diseases are being used as a means to mass slaughter of innocent, healthy animals and thus to end real farming and ranching,
    that vaccines against those diseases promote the dangerous lie that these animal diseases are a threat, when in fact, the vaccines themselves and the removal of the human right to refuse them are the real and serious danger.

Ralph Waldo Emerson could be speaking to the biotech industry when he said “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

The goals of those behind all this are far from the goals of sustainable ag.


“We’ve been opening ourselves to the grief,
to the knowing of what’s taking place,
the loss of species,
the destruction of the natural world,
the unimaginable levels of social injustice and economic injustice
that deprive so many human beings of basic opportunities.
And as we open to the pain of that,
there’s a possibility of embracing that pain
and that grief
in a way that it becomes a strength,
a power to respond.
There is the possibility that the energy that has been bound in the repression of it
can now flow through us and energize us,
make us clearer,
more alive,
more passionate,
determined people.”

~ John Robbins