All Drugs and Vaccines Put Your Body into Debt to the Bankers

by Robert Sawyer
Food Freedom News

People are catching on that the Bankers are creating the debt themselves.  Debt is a means of ensuring endless servitude to the Bankers by people and countries.  The greater the debt the Bankers generate, the greater the profit they make.
Interestingly, they are doing precisely the same thing in their other role as the pharmaceutical industry.  There, they depend on ensuring disease.  But the analogy to disease is not metaphoric but factual, for disease itself is also a system based on shortages.

Just as money is the central element missing if one is in debt, there is also a coin of the realm in disease – missing electrons.

A cardiologist has turned to physics to come up with a single common denominator for all disease – cancers, degenerative diseases, toxins, infections, viruses, radiation poisoning.  In the simplest terms, health is based on electron flow.   Diseases, toxins, infections, viruses, radiation, all make one sick because all of them deplete that flow.  The greater the depletion, the more serious the disease threat. And with that single common denominator, it’s possible to offer a single cure.  Anything that can deliver electrons in a sufficiently high enough concentration to where it is needed in the body, and can neutralize the loss of electrons is a cure.

It’s that simple.

ALL nutrients deliver electrons.  ALL drugs and vaccines – the very basis of conventional medical treatment – deplete them.

What we have with banking and the pharmaceutical medical system are two systems that create debt.

Both are based on lies.  The banking system’s lie is that the money they use is real.  The medical system’s lie is that they are trying to cure diseases. (Actually, it is the pharmaceutical industry’s lie since they control all of medicine, from schools to research to medical societies to the CDC and WHO).  The reality is that the pharmaceutical medical system is creating diseases, just as their twin, the Banking system, is creating debt.

The Bankers are doing what they can to make sure that debt can not be paid off – by destroying jobs, breaking down manufacturing, taking homes, stealing economies, controlling governments, etc.  The point is debt.

Once one understands that disease happens because electrons are being depleted, then it becomes clear that in disease, there is “electron debt” is being built up.  The pharmaceutical medical system, though, in treating disease with its synthetic drugs and vaccines which deplete yet more electrons, worsens the loss of electrons with each treatment.  If the disease gets visibly worse, each additional attempt to treat it with yet more drugs and vaccines, increases the debt yet more as the drugs and vaccines continue to subtract electrons.

Thus, there is a physiologic debt – a negative electron “tab” – being run up before one even begins to talk about the financial debt being generated, and medical debt is the main cause of bankruptcy in the US.

So, while we may look at banking and the pharmaceutical medicine system as very different, they are basically two rigged accounting systems that are designed to lead to debt.  The difference between financial debt and physiologic debt, is that financial debt is fabricated from thin air whereas missing electrons are real and people suffer real pain and can die.

Only by going outside the pharmaceutical medical system and getting organic nutrients, can the physiologic depletion be ended and the loss neutralized.  But the pharmaceutical medical system knows this, so in the service of cutting off any means of threatening the incredible value of physiologic debt (the cancer industry is the largest industry in the world), it has gotten all herbal remedies (nutrients) banned across Europe; is working now to ban nutritional supplements in the US; and is genetically engineering as many kinds of foods (the basis for organic nutritional supplements) as fast as possible.  The pharmaceutical industry benefits in many ways from genetically engineering what had been organic food but one is that GE-crops chelate or bind to the micro-nutrients in the soil and in the toxic “food” that is produced, so the nutrients that would normally deliver electrons (and thus health) aren’t any longer available for use.

Organic foods – including raw milk – deliver micro-nutrients in abundance.  That makes organic food a direct threat to debt.  To stop that threat, the Bankers and pharmaceutical industry (Rockefellers, the Gates, etc.) created a bogus “food safety” law to use to deregulate genetically engineered crops, trees, animals, and to get rid of organic food and animals.  Thus, we see armed raids occurring against raw milk dairy farmers, against organic coops, against raw milk cheese makers, against organic ice cream shops, etc., combined with a plethora of media stories on the dangers of vitamins and minerals, and the CDC putting out false warnings on raw milk (while not putting out their own data showing it is 35,000 times safer than other foods).  This makes sense in the context of ensuring “electron debt” – the money maker in the pharmaceutical medical system.

These efforts are required because university studies are coming out from everywhere now with evidence that vitamins and minerals (nutrients that deliver electrons) are curing diseases.  Vitamin C, the premier deliverer of electrons because it is uniquely and extremely bioavailable (able to be taken up by more tissues othe body) and because no toxic level has ever been found for it, appears to be a universal antidote.

The Bankers, who were also oil men, created the synthetic pharmaceutical industry, which uses their own oil, and when homeopathy cured people during the pharmaceutical industry’s catastrophe with aspirin in 1918-19 (but was blamed on a non-existent “Spanish flu”), the Bankers cum pharmaceutical industry put homeopathic hospitals out of business and took over medical schools.  It’s been physiologic debt and booming business ever since.

“The drug connection goes back to the 19th century. John D. Rockefeller’s father was actually, literally, a snake-oil salesman.

“He was a patent remedy seller. The drugs, of course, are oil-based, and John D. Rockefeller was an oil magnate. He also had a bank. So did J.P. Morgan. The drug industry—the patent remedy industry—was in competition with the natural herbal remedies, and the homeopathic remedies. …. It was a cartel.”

The Bush and Obama administration were put into office by that cartel – the Bankers and the pharmaceutical industry.  The Bankers were rewarded by getting to walk off with the economy and create debt beyond fathoming.  The pharmaceutical industry got to create a healthcare law that ensures physiologic debt – from preventing doctors from prescribing treatments using nutrients, to “diagnosing children early” to put them on drugs, to “wellness” screening that will require people to take drugs for “prevention” or their rates will increase, etc.  Yet this electron depleting but financially enriching formula is already coming under fire as “over-diagnosing” and for the harm it is causing.  Bone density tests for older women, for instance, use 20 year olds as the comparison, so few pass the test, and women with normal bone density for their age, end up being put on drugs such as Fosamax which is known for destroying bones.  Let us not get into what the vaccines are doing but the tip off is that Goldman Sachs and the Rockefellers are involved and American children are sicker – in greater physiologic debt – than has even been seen before.

These two debts and the two industries which benefit are intertwined.  The pharmaceutical medical industry has arranged that the new health care bill will mandate that use “preventive” drugs and vaccines, they have for years gotten the government to mandate that children to take large numbers of vaccines and those will be added to (drugs and vaccines both increase electron debt), and in turn, increased healthcare costs will guarantee the country goes trillions more into financial debt to the Bankers …. who began the toxic pharmaceutical industry in the first place.

“World Without Cancer …. linked the cancer industry—the cancer cartel, basically—with the banking cartel. It showed they had the same roots.

“It went back to the Rockefeller-Morgan cartel at the turn of the 20th century. Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie supported drugs, funded the medical schools, and basically got the homeopathic schools shut down. (In the 19th century, the homeopathic schools were the leading health treatment.)

“… I realized in the course of that that if you wanted to get to crux of the problem, you had to deal with banking, because that was actually where they got their power. They got their power from the power to create money.”

And they got medical business model from banking, too – create debt.  Electron debt.  The common denominator in all disease, and the explanation for why nutrients matter.

The market place for the pharmaceutical industry is the human body – but only for as long as the body hosts diseases.”