No-no to NanoFoods

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Nano Nano NanoFood
Food Chain Radio Show #907 • February 2, 2013 • Sat 9AM Pacific
Michael Olson hosts
Journalist Heather Miller

Are nanofoods safe to eat?

Nanoparticles are so small they live by their own laws.

A million nanoparticles might be placed on the period at the end of this sentence. This means nanoparticles are too big to be governed by the rules of quantum mechanics, and too small to be governed by the rules of classical physics, and so the particles can enable us to do things that other particles can’t, like resist heat, kill germs, and confer strength without adding weight.

Because they can do things that other particles can’t, nanoparticles are rapidly finding their way into our food chain. The American Chemical Society Journal claims nanoparticles are now used in 89 popular foods, including M&Ms and Mentos, Dentyne and Trident gums, Nestle coffee creamers, Pop-Tarts, Kool-Aid, Jell-O, and Betty Crocker cake frostings.

Though we are now eating freely of miraculous nanoparticles, we simply do not know much about them. We find it difficult to detect nanoparticles in our food; do not have protocols for judging their effects on our body; and do not have the tools necessary to track them. This leads us to ask…

Are nanofoods safe to eat?

(Food Chain Radio & Forums #907)

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