Squirrels, pigs, elk, deer, raccoons, rats reject GMO food

By Ocean Robbins
Food Revolution

Corn-experimentPaul Fonder was curious to see what kind of corn squirrels would favor.

Last fall, Fonder conducted an experiment in his South Dakota backyard. He built a squirrel feeder and put genetically modified corn fresh from a neighbor’s field on one post and one-year-old organic corn on the other.

“You would expect squirrels to prefer fresh corn over corn that’s a year old,” said Fonder. But that’s not what happened.

Fonder repeated the experiment five times, using different varieties of organic and GM corn.  Each time, he got the same results.

Do you think that it’s possible the squirrels might be on to something here?

If you want to see GMOs labeled in the United States, like they are in the picture, then here’s some good news.  Labeling efforts are underway in 26 states, and in November voters in the state of Washington will have the opportunity to make their state the first in the nation to mandate labeling without condition.

Public interest lawyer and Food Revolution Summit speaker Michele Simon has written a new post with an update on important developments in Washington’s Initiative 522, and how you can help.

Check out her important article here.


Pigs also reject GM corn

The farmer grinned as he told the visitor, “Watch this!” He called his pigs, which ran frantically towards him to be fed. But when he scooped out corn and threw it on the ground, the pigs sniffed it and then looked up at the farmer with confused expectation. The farmer then scooped corn from another bin and flung it near the pigs, which ran over and quickly devoured it.

The farmer said, “The first corn is genetically engineered. They won’t touch it.”

It’s not just pigs that swear off genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In South Africa, Strilli Oppenheimer’s chickens won’t eat genetically modified (GM) corn. Most buffalo in Haryana, India, refuse cottonseed cakes if made from GM cotton plants. Geese migrating through Illinois only munched sections of the soybean field that was non-GMO. When given a choice, elk, deer, raccoons, and rats all avoided GMOs.

…One skeptical farmer who read about the squirrels wanted to see for himself if it was true. He bought a bag full of GM corn ears, and another of non-GM, and left them in his garage till winter. But by the time he fetched the bags, mice had done the experiment for him. They broke into the natural corn bag and finished it; the GM cobs were untouched.

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